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Of all the birds’ crow, which is considered as the most ordinary, the most inauspicious and the less talked about; and the very bird is given a gracious position in its monogram design, emphasizes this unusual Photo Gallery startup’s uniqueness in performance and persuasion.....

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“A common experience for many moving in the small bi-lanes of Vasavi Colony, Karkhana, Secunderabad, people very often are lead by fresh-bake flavours, raising their gastronomic appetite, walk into the yellow & Orange painted building in hope of munching a menu of snacks, but end-up ....

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THE OEUVRE of Kuppa Srinivasa Sastry

“Review of K.Srinivas Sastry’s works”, all identifies with spirit;become impatient for not transforming as he had”. The oeuvre, a review of works of Srinivasa Sastry, on February 4, 2018, introduces us multitudinally to a new way of living a Sunday; worthful and worthwhile....

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AFGHAN BAKERY, The First in Hyderabad, Serving a Neighbourhood Menu

Tarnaka is a one of the leading residential locality for most of the expatriate communities from Afghan, Iran and Iraq who made it home; mostly who come to study, research and apprentice across disciplines in Osmania University....

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