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A common experience for many moving in the small bi-lanes of Vasavi Colony, Karkhana, Secunderabad, people very often are lead by fresh-bake flavours, raising their gastronomic appetite, walk into the yellow & Orange painted building in hope of munching a menu of snacks, but end-up in getting introduced to a specialized Kitchen. The experience thus turns their disappointment into a learning pleasure of knowing about the India’s fast growing high-tea menu catering company; Tea Kettle.


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At times the Instincts are most bankable in making decisions and when they are tested, tried and explored, they open-up the possibilities of turning one’s intuition into an idea and leading to discover a huge opportunity.

These words came true, when former Bankers and Colleagues M.S.Raja Shekar and G Sudheer Kumar at Axis bank, Hyderabad, decided to quit their well-paying jobs, in taking up an entrepreneurial journey; around the highly scrambled, distributed and under-explored market opportunity of high-tea catering services and needs. Despite High-tea, a concept introduced to us as a British Culture, by and large it’s even customary for Indians too in having served a variety of snacks and tea, irrespective of the size & sort of conversations across Families, Companies and Meetings.

In 2016 their idea took a shape as TEA KETTLE, India’s first complete and original high-tea menu start-up, which serves a hygienic, quality and tastier items across the occasions of conversations. The start-up journey wasn’t free of founder’s woes and hiccups of the initial years are nothing short of any roll coaster ride. Soon they realized and were able to gain control by swiftly shifting gears before they weren’t to go beyond burning their fingers in trying out various operational models, ranging from partnering to outsourcing the operational facilities and resources, which obviously didn’t meet-out and match-up their aspirations, client expectations and overall business net results.

The founders on picking clues and strategic insights from the near-disasters and mistakes were able to transform the learning’s into actions. The recovery started by developing a niche business model and in setting-up a designed kitchen to serve the specialized menu of high-tea food items and establishing with couple of inbound outlets for a couple of corporates, have allowed Tea Kettle to set face the future and to serve across the high-tea menu needs of Meetings, Gatherings and Networking.

The fillips in the model with tasty menu items and timely service significantly established operational profitability, tweaking loose-ends, improved order-ticket size, consistency in customers acquisition and innovation, which started paying them with a very good B2B list of clientele from Private & Government Banks, Corporates, Political Parties, Communities and Business Groups, Departments and others.

As they caught-up to serve the range of occasions, menu upgradation and customer acquisition, now aiming equally to scale the service value-chain, importantly scaling-up and tapping high-tea hospitality needs. Tea Kettle’s tea-bag/flask is a gesture of its commitment to customer service and also showcases the innovative effort invested by them. It speaks more about its attitude in simplifying product needs, easy-of-handling across occasions (from a table meeting to travelling), Quantity-fit ability (from 250 ml, 500 ml to over a 1000ml )and improving its utility in preserving and serving fresh & hot tea for over 6 -8 hours.

Tea Kettle’s menu is a well-designed, Taste-savy, Artificial ingredients-free, Pro-organic, Hygiene-made and timely-service in assuring the customers to a taste-bow of experiences. In short, the menu complements the client’s meetings where it fulfills and engages the conversations with Samosas, Sandwiches, Cakes, Cookies, Muffins, Puffs, Pakoras, and etc.

Raj & Sudheer with improved revenues and flowing of funds are now proportionately equipping to meet the game and equipping to face the future. By rejuvenating their capabilities and revamping capacities to serve the B2C segment and also developing models in the offing like Franchise, Ready-to-Serve(RTS), Quick-Service- Restaurants(QSR)Points in next couple of years.

By 2020, Founders focusing to hold presence leading Indian locations with signature stores and soon to launch franchisees across along with setting-up a chain of specialty Kitchens creating more customers, each time and every time.

Tea Kettle, is now more determined in the process of taking the high-tea culture with its token of success and learning’s to breath in a brand new high-tea experience, as never before. So what’s stopping, call Tea Kettle and start ordering your menu and post business enquiries.

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