The First in Hyderabad, Serving a Neighbourhood Menu

Tarnaka is a one of the leading residential locality for most of the expatriate communities from Afgan, Iran and Iraq who made it home; mostly who come to study, research and apprentice across disciplines in Osmania University. Many of the residents in the neighbourhood of Street No: 1, Tarnaka , Secunderabad, do not realize that there’s a New Bakery, serving new menu of baked items with cross-border flavours; Welcome to AFGAN BAKERY. Between the silence of its streets and shades of the locality, the Afgan Bakery hidden from the plain sight, this place operates in baking a Hot & Fresh ,veg & non-veg menu of slices of 'Bread', 'Burgers', 'Samosas' and 'Parrotas'.

Afgan Bakery

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TEJAB and OMER, the Co-founders, hailing from Baghalan and Faryab Provinces of Northern Afghanistan, started in mid-2017,with an intent to serve a possible small menu fitting the Expatriates and Student communities. The good intentions slowly took entrepreneurial route, in leading to setup a Bakery, with specialized design-Owen in bringing Afghan recipes ready-to-eat items. The word of mouth slowly caught up with the locales and is fast-growing into a profitable entity too.

The Bread and Burgers leads the sales in numbers and a Ramzan special dishes and items are being added to the menu with an Afgan-brew "Safron Chai". The founders are now aspiring to work a scale and showcase the efforts in transforming the Bakery into a Restaurant; to meet its customer needs, tastes and comfort serving model.

Recommend you to visit to experience a bite and get introduced to new culinary.