THE OEUVRE Of Kuppa Srinivasa Sastry

“Review of K.Srinivas Sastry’s works”, all identifies with spirit;become impatient for not transforming as he had”.

The oeuvre, a review of works of Srinivasa Sastry, on February 4, 2018, introduces us multitudinally to a new way of living a Sunday; worthful and worthwhile. The event started with an unusual practice, rare at Indian gatherings, whereby we had introdcutories, hello’s, hi’s and other exchangeable pleasantries, routines and hushed enquiries, last-minute missing things; absence of key people was noticed, the event focus was immediately restored; Sastry’s strong penchant and trademark vow towards Time and it was palpable.

THE OEUVRE Of Kuppa Srinivasa Sastry

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Dr.B.Yadava Raju’s brief introduction and Jyothi’s orotund anchoring, swiftly set the tone for the participants about the day’s experience. On settling, it turns out to be a different perspective; which brings the participant’s ambiguity to the fore by questioning that, their capacity in knowing Sastry and capability in understanding his works are unparalleled views, untwined edges and unsettled syntheses. This view makes it difficult for us to take stance of our choice, but we should appreciate for getting introduced to such feel, even before the completion of the first segment of the event.

“Sastry says he happens to be a poet, somehow participants too happened to be speakers”

The preparation perils of the speakers were evident across event with each sharings, but their soulful interest to speak about his works, makes it truly engaging and serves the purpose. Also, it does not make much difference for the audience, who are equally unsure and under prepared to shoot questions, in initiating a creative, insightful and meaningful dialogue about the works and the Writer’s perspective, I feel a fruitful-loss of opportunity for all those present at the event.

Subramanya Sastry, the elder brother of Srinivasa Sastry, summed up the essence of the effort:”He(Srininvasa Sastry) is a well read and learned man, knows too much about many and wish is to share all at a go, which makes it difficult for him and for us too, but we continue to enjoy a different program like this…he is overflowing with knowledge and wisdom”.

It occurred to me that, each speaker presents a similar or popular view about Sastry’s works, Sastry may not agree fully with them, rather is privileged to have all of them in enriching and embracing the event with respective understandings and insights on this poetic Sunday.

  • P.Radha Krishna Murthy on “An Aria of Ecstasy” partly introduced its content, but on the whole left its intent and sounded lost between arranging his papers
  • C.N.Babu on “Sangam” was very graceful and at ease in reading, he shows his command on the work with references enchanted
  • V.A. Kumara Swamy on “The Sarovar and the Swan” was orative; his mastery of the language, references and insights were well received and applauded and his request to organize a similar event on his works in Sanskrit and Telugu on various themes, was embraced, it has set a chain of continuity to such a review .
  • V. Ramesh Babu on “Thrilinga” and “Dasa Sathakamulu” was an artistic performance in detailing the works. It has certainly become popular and importantly eased ears with stunning baritone voice to keep away post-lunch strain and pepped-up too
  • Dr.V.Surya Prakash on “Swatantra Bharat : A Primer for Contemporary India” on claiming he sourced spirit from Sastry’s life and work on India, took onto a path of social-paradigm of detailing his professional programs, experiences, was a deviation from the intent
  • Srininvasa Sastry’s Poetry Reading itself was a little hurried
  • The Panel Discussion, with an apt combination to certify, criticize and circumvent with their individual views and insights, which didn’t take-off beyond one-line introductions and basic views about Sastry’s works, themes and structures

Sometime into the fag end of the program, Dr.K.V.Tirumalesh, outstandingly pointed that, the true credit should go to all those who designed the program, but the event should be more of critical and constructive views, which challenges Sastry to pen more worthy works. Sastry before and after the program should drive in aiming to generate a concrete national and international dialogue on themes of meta-physical and paradoxical poetry and writings, with more participation from academic, research and poetic fraternity by debating and rendezvousing, than mere gathering to comfort with applauses and praises for Sastry and his works.

He also mentioned, that “I might hesitate to claim, but Sastry strongly says he is a poet, that’s true by his appearance, conviction and oeuvre”.

Reading out the ‘Letters of Reflection’ making up for their absence from Son, Kuppa Shankara in Florida and Grand gaughter Shreekari, Troy, with lines of references to ‘Sun’ and ‘Endaro Mahanubhavulu’, carving their affection, affiliation and affirmation they derived from Sastry’s life, living and works as source in dealing with their daily challenges, have melted and moved Sastry into ‘tears of love and thanks’.

Ushamma, thoroughly seen through the event in efforts, bracing the odds and occupied in sourcing, now owns an accomplishment of rendering support as half-self, by all means in time and in tangent to Sastry’s queries and terms.

I now see the gold ornament (bracelet) bestowed on his wrist, will be an enigmatic addition to remain and remind him of his works to come and continue to stretch the Poetic Canvas along with his mysticism.

The event is a curtain raiser to celebrate, cerebrate and a true contributor in leading to more such structured culture of programs for Writing, Writers and Works.