Samanya Sastram


Of all the birds’ crow, which is considered as the most ordinary, the most inauspicious and the less talked about; and the very bird is given a gracious position in its monogram design, emphasizes this unusual Photo Gallery startup’s uniqueness in performance and persuasion.

This thought ensembles to reflect and represent, a new world of photo perspectives captured as moments across lives of common people and with an indigenous business model, have shaped up this one-man entity SAMANYA SASTRAM; a photo gallery startup, based out of Hyderabad.


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The moment you walk in, the engraved wall with crow welcomes and hints us that, we are about to realize an unusual, framed, visual experience of forgotten aspects related to people, living and moments of their ordinariness. The visit traverses opens up in an engaging dialogue with Ramesh in decoding the sense and story behind with each captured moment.

Mr.Ramesh Babu.Kandukuri, Founder, was a Former Sr.Journalist, Photographer and Writer turned entrepreneur with Samanya Sastram, is driven by ‘Ordinarology’, a conceptual design of celebrating ordinariness across themes and creating an esthetics ambience across spaces.

Over two decades of career, his obsession with photography on common people in daily life across, has paved way to carve an idea of Gallery, facilitating his passion along with a purpose. His passion took shape in establishing its first Gallery at Hyderabad with focus to showcase the merchandise, generating revenues to sustain and later support the scaling.

The Gallery showcases a landscape of daily life, simple themes across a series of abstract and plain expressions of people living in their moments on streets. The photo series celebrates and cerebrates women, work, mother, friends, smiles, despair, happiness, childhood and others.

The initial clientele for projects are from Media, Government Departments and General Public, have garnered the strength to sustain and are eager to position its footprints into Corporate accounts too.

Samanya Sastram’s current business model is mostly banking on his capability to deliver the projects and assignments as a service offered across esthetic needs and preferred themes centered around Ordinarology. Ramesh is also, working to build its capacity to create a Chain of Galleries across commercial, personal and other avenues.

Having aimed to reach leading destinations across Indian photo gallery market opportunity, through participation across leading national galleries in creating awareness of his portfolio of services and generate project orders.

The visit to the gallery is certain to impact, inspire and indulge one, in philosophical conversations, expanding poetic perspectives, and ways to unlearn what life, living and contentedness are for lasting experiences.